IE FAIR 2017

INCHALL Stages & Regulations


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    Preliminary stage in INCHALL 2017 is testing the participant knowledge about Industrial Engineering Science through Online Competition. In this stage every participants that has been registered will get account to join the Online Test through Team Page menu. The top 15 teams that will continue to Semifinal Stage in Surabaya.

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    Final stage is stage that be held after online test. 15 best teams from all teams in online test will continue this competition to final stage. Final stage will be held at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia in February, 28th 2017 until March 4th 2017. Final stages will consist of elimination stages and grand final stage. Elimination stages are consists of 1st stage and 2nd stage. In this stage, participant must have communication skill, analytic skill, and courage to make decision about industrial engineering science. Committee will provide accommodation and transportation during participant in Surabaya. The further information will be announced by committee through official website.

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    Grand final stage is the last stage of INCHALL 2017. Best five teams from elimination stage may solve the Case Study which goal is to solve problems related to the theme. We expect each team to give a feasible recommendation in solving the problem. The biggest challenge in this stage is that the participant needs to have broad insights of what is it really happening in Indonesia right now and using Industrial Engineering competences as tools to help solving it. The best team with best performance and feasible solution will be the winner of INCHALL 2017. Put your game face on and get ready to compete!


  1. Each team consists of three people and their membership in the team could not be changed in the future for any reason.
  2. Each member of the team must be registered as undergraduate student (S1) of Industrial Engineering Department or related major from the same university.
  3. Each member of the team must be listed as an active student until March, 31st 2017.
  4. Each university or institute is allowed to register maximum of 5 teams in preliminary stage.


  1. Each team must register for an account at Account will be made by fulfilling the registration and requirements, such as photo and student card of each member of the team.
  2. After registration process done, the participants will get an activation email.
  3. When the activation is done, the participants will get additional menu in INCHALL 2017 through "Team Dshboard" that consists of Participants Data and an access to join preliminary stage.
  4. The Online Registration will be free, no payment is needed.


Module of INCHALL 2017.pdf